LightBox is a creative studio
passionate about crafting story-telling visuals.

About Lightbox


LightBox is a creative Studio that lives in the limbo of the un-built design, where imagination meets reality. We are a team of hand-picked artists prepared to deliver unrivaled quality in all possible platforms.


If Einstein would study our team’s brains, he would inevitably conclude his famous quote: “These guys don’t have any special talent. They are only passionately curious”. The uniqueness of our portrayed visuals is always a testament to the quality designs of our clients.


Dedicated. Cozy. Strange. Odd at times. Fun for the most of it. We are always willing to explore the unknown with passion but also with discipline. Our clients benefit from our inventive minds in the context of well crafted protocols to deliver on time, every time.

Our Team

Max Pardo
Co-Founder and Art Director
Martin Amengual
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Vanina Micheloud
Marketplace Manager
Dolores Scagliotti
Managing Director

We are only a place to work. But our staff make it great.

We are hiring
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